13th and a quarter penny party

Hai guys!<3 Just woke up… thought I's update all of my lovely loyal followers on my life 😀 I am now 13 and a bit and I LOVE Ariana Grande and horses and Jacqueline Wilson and men. I saw Jacqueline Wilson live in concert last month. She played all of her biggest hits such as […]

Merry Christmas!

Hai guys <3 XOXO So it's Christmas Eve today! Yay! I don't know why but I'm not very excited. Maybe I'm building up all of my excitement for tomorrow! Yea so that was just a quick post to say Merry Christmas 🙂 Comment down below what you are getting or have asked for for Christmas! […]

Haven’t Posted!

Hai guys XOXO xx <3 K, so yea, haven't posted for AGES! Yea, so to all of the newcomers to my blog these are some facts about me 🙂 * I am 11 years old: My birthday is on the 31st of May and I was born in 2002. * I live in the UK. […]

I Am Now a Youtuber!

Hey bloggers! I now have a youtube! I was watching a load of videos and I thought, “You know what? I should make a youtube account!” I only have nine subscribers so I thought I would post it on my blog. I post makeup tutorials, and I also post fun videos! Me and my friends […]

Deleted a Few Pages

Hello earthlings! You may have realized that I have recently deleted quite a few pages. I just thought I’d say thank you to all of the nice comments on some of the pages that unfortunately, I have deleted. All of the comments boosted my confidence in writing and encouraged me to write. Also I thought […]

Big News!

Hey guys, I can’t believe how long ago it was that I blogged! At the moment, I am eleven years old and I am trying to get my really boring homework done! I have to research typical Spanish food to be in by Thursday, (It’s Saturday now) I need to write a newspaper article about […]


Okay, so I’ve found this website and yes! You guessed it! It’s about writing. It is called and I am on it! I am called arianatorno1 P.S. Sorry about the length of the post. Also, sorry about not posting anything in a while!

I’m Going to my Friends House!

Hello! I’m in Boosters now even though I’m not supposed to be here! Wanna know why I’m here? Okay… Right, so my friend’s mum asked my dad if I could go around my friend’s house today so, obviously, he said yes. But what Lexie’s mum didn’t realize is that she had boosters. So here I […]

Lyrics to my Favourite Songs

Here I am Once again Feeling lost but now and then I breathe it in To let it go And you don’t know where you are now Or what it will come to If only somebody could hear When you figure out how You’re lost in the moment you disappear!!! CHORUS: You don’t have to […]