Today I wrote This Poem

Today I wrote this poem
I really don’t think it’s good
It doesn’t have a subject,
like a poem should.

It doesn’t have a metaphor
and not one simile.
It hasn’t any feelings
of which are inside of me.

It’s missing any description
alliteration too.
It’s not an acrostic
or a complicated haiku.

Nothing is personified.
Of course, there is no plot.
I’m pretty sure that rhyming
is the only thing it’s got.

It was so fun to write it,
and it is quite long enough.
It’s just quite a shame it’s missing,
all that poetic stuff.

I put it on my cluttered desk
and,wow, was I careless?!
I went to school and came home
It’s gone! I’m gonna be hairless!

so now I had to write the poem,
all over again,
Oh well, I’ll have fun,
Oh no! I’ve lost my pen!

by Hannah (me)

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  1.   hannahsmum Says:

    thats brilliant :D xxxx

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